The African American Civil War Memorial was dedicated on July 18, 1998. The statue, “The Spirit of Freedom,” honors the soldiers and sailors who fought during the Civil War to preserve the Union and end the tyranny of slavery. On the Wall of Honor behind the statue are the 209,145 names of the soldiers and officers who served under the Bureau of United States Colored Troops.

One of the greatest wrongs in the telling of American history has been the suppressing of the story of these soldiers and sailors. Their story is the story of “A Glorious March to Liberty.” Visitors to this exhibit will learn about this glorious march and be inspired by their legacy of courage, leadership and service to all Americans.


The exhibit is comprised of eight panels, the introductory panel and seven panels with historical photographs and documents, excerpts from Harpers Weekly, excerpts from letters and diaries of soldiers and sailors. The second panel is entitled “Slavery and the Union,” and it examines slavery as a divisive issue leading up to the Civil War. The third panel “Spies of the Rebellion” identifies an African American organization that provided spies for the Union from the beginning of the war. “Union Cry for Help,” panel four, examines the military situation that led to the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation and the creation of the Bureau of United States Colored Troops. The fifth and sixth panels are entitled “Soldiers and Sailors,” and they share the story of these American freedom fighters in their own words and as reported in Harpers Weekly. The seventh panel “Liberators and Defenders” chronicles the successes of these freedom fighters as defenders of the US Constitution liberating enslaved Americans by enforcing the Emancipation Proclamation. The last panel examines these “Freedom Fighters’ Legacy.”   Also included with the travelling exhibit is the following:

  • The Book of Names, our three volume set of the names of all the soldiers on the Wall of Honor at the African American Civil War Memorial.
  • Fight for Freedom, our award winning DVD about the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum.
  • A speaker from the African American Civil War Museum will come to the opening ceremony of the exhibit at your venue.
  • Shipping cost of exhibit to your venue.

Please contact the museum for available dates

Security Level: Low

Specs: Free standing eight panel display, with text and graphics.

Cost: $5,000

For more information or to schedule this exhibit please contact Edwin Gasaway at 202-667-2667 or by email at edwin(at)