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Cursey, Stephen – Age 20, Year: 1865 – 8th US Colored Infantry, Clap-Dav

Stephen Cursey – 8th US Colored Infantry, Clap-Dav

NAID: 39072519   NAID File Unit: 39072517     Microform: M1821

Military Service

Unit: 8th US Colored Infantry, Clap-Dav

Regiment:  8 infantry

ID: 19402504

Company: F

Year: 1865

Year Enlisted: 1865

Enlisted term years: 

Enlisted date: March 15, 1865

Enlisted state: Indiana (Ind.)

Enlisted county: 

Enlisted town: INDIANAPOLIS


State born: Indiana (Ind.)

County born: Jennings

Town born: 

Occupation: Farmer

Physical Characteristics

Age: 20

Height: ’ “


Eye color: 

Hair color: 

Record Info

NAID: 39072519

NAID File Unit: 39072517

Microform: M1821

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