USCT Historic Trail

About the USCT Historic Trail

In July 2026 the nation will commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the country. The journey toward this historic milestone is an opportunity to reflect and honor the contributions of all Americans. Toward this end, the United States Colored Troops Historic Trails Project (USCT Historic Trail) began in the fall of 2022 as a project to elevate the story of the United States Colored Troops and connect the African American Civil War Memorial to the national historical landscape of the USCT at relevant National Parks and Historic Sites in the United States.

From the heroics of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment to Black troops liberating the last victims of chattel slavery in America, Black soldiers played a critical role in the Union war effort that to this day remains largely outside of the public’s historical consciousness.

The project is supported by the National Park Service and National Park Foundation and will allow trail users to see a map of historic sites related to the history of the United States Colored Troops, and resources associated with sites.

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