Museum Staff & Board

Board of Directors

Audrey Hinton


Dr. Frank Smith

Founder & Director

Jack H. Olender

Vice President

Christine Willis-Bennett


Rev. Paul Saddler


Board Members

Lee W. Jackson, Esq.

Pedro Alfonso

Donna Cooper

William Wesley Taylor, Ph.D.

Robert Bell, Esq.

Bernard Demczuk, Ph.D.

Jan Adams

John Cummings, Esq.

Apera Nwora

Executive Director

Frank Smith, Ph.D., during his four elected terms with the District Council, Washington, DC, laid the basic groundwork to establish a national memorial for African American troops who served in the Civil War.
Fulfilling a lifelong dream to honor African Americans who fought for freedom as USCT, he oversaw the dedication of the African American Civil War Memorial in July 1998.Toward that goal, Dr. Smith used a lifetime of leadership experience to secure financing, District support, and the active involvement of public and private agencies to establish the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum.


Dr. Frank Smith

Executive Director

Dr. Dawn Chitty

Director of Education

Edwin Gasaway

Museum Operations Manager

Marquett Milton

Historic Interpreter