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New Museum Development Timeline

Image of the Grimke Building New Museum Entrance

The African American Civil War Memorial Wall of Honor lists the names of 209,145 United States Colored Troops (USCT) who joined President Lincoln to keep the Nation united under one flag, to end slavery and to bring Freedom, Citizenship, and Voting Rights to blacks.

The Museum gathers artifacts, memorabilia, descendants and their stories to honor the heroic memories long suppressed by American society. For several years the Museum operated in the gymnasium of the Historic Grimke Building owned by the city. In 2016 the DC Government transferred a portion of the Grimke Building via a 99-year lease and a $8 million construction grant, to the African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation for the Museum buildout and exhibit installation.

Below is the timeline of the newly renovated museum, along with a sterling new exhibit about the Civil War ancestry of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Stage Status
1. Planning Team Selected: Architects, Engineers, Curators and Exhibit Fabricators
2. Drawings submitted to City Agency for Permitting
3. Public Bid for Contractor and Final Negotiations
4. Notice to Proceed with Museum Buildout
5. Frame up of Walls, Windows, Doors and Demolition
2/10 – 4/10
6. Rough In MEP, HVAC, and Walls (Museum Buildout)
4/12 – 6/14
7. Close-Out Punchlist and Inspection
6/14 – 7/15
8. Exhibit Installation
7/15 – 8/22
9. Grand Reopening
October 2024